New DJI Phantom Vision

New DJI Phantom Vision, is cutting a new groove with the 2 Generation, light weight model.

New DJI Phantom Vision is about a new product coming out soon in 2013 by DJI.
The New DJI Phantom Vision is a second generation DJI Phantom UAV. Many new changes have been planned for the New Phantom Vision, some of them are listed here:

  • 2nd Generation, New body shape
  • Bigger and stronger battery capacity
  • Camera comes standard with the platform
  • Vibration isolator gimbals
  • New way of securing propellers (nut free)
  • Bigger propellers
  • More flight information passed down from the camera to the controller phone, via WIFI-2.4 GHz
  • New control panel that operates at 5.8 GHz
  • Camera settings can be adjusted remotely during the flight from a mobile phone
  • A choice of JIRO mode or a manual mode point camera at the phone
  • It could be well used for a two person; flight & film operation, in a busy environment. One operator concentrate on flying when there is direct visual contact, while the photographer concentrate on the photography, with ability to control the swivel of the camera 360 degrees, by turning vehicle in flight via the phone.
New DJI Phantom Vision
DJI Phantom Vision

The New DJI Phantom Vision is generating excitement amongst hobbyist and Aerial photographers.

The new feature with improved flight time and reduced set up cost is bound to attract buyers to try it out and explore the possibilities of aerial video photography.  Straight from the box with a camera and mount, control panel and access to a visual flight display by using a phone. Currently there is an application only for an iPhone, but according to the DJI SEO Colin Guinn, the Android application should be available some time in future.

New Innovative Technology becoming available at the entry level for Aerial photographers.

New DJI Phantom Vision is going to be the rave in the near future for some time, it may not be the “bees pants” for the experienced “Professionals”, but the distance between them and the hobbyist is getting narrower by the week. Who would have imagined only thirteen years ago, that a light weight aerial platform would be available for the public, with a camera and live video stream option, with a price tag well under a grand.  The New DJI Phantom Vision price is still uncertain and unknown, but we do know that the complete Vision kit price is going to be less than the previous model with the various accesories.
Check out this video at YouTube, DJI SEO Colin Guinn introducing the DJI Phantom Vision.

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